Tuesday, 28 January 2014

“Pudding” on your Top Hat!

When we’re at home (the operative word being ‘when’) Doug, and our neighbour Michele, go to dancing classes together.  They’ve both danced quite a bit in the past so it’s more like a bit of brushing up for them.


On Friday evening their instructor organised a ball in Chichester for all her classes and, appropriately kitted out, we went along to enjoy the evening.  Nigel and James attended purely for moral support and to do the washing up at the end!


In between the arduous duty of consuming wine and nibbles, and nattering like a couple of old fish wives, James and Nigel managed to take a few pics of the proceedings………..


…………it reminded them very much of a recent popular television series……….


……… but this time it was Strictly Fun!

After a very pleasant Bucks Fizz interlude with buffet and a lovely pudding it was back to the floor for the dancers and the kitchen sink for the ‘loafers’.


At the end of the evening presentations were made for the best performances - everybody got one, even the washer uppers!  We had a great evening and, in all seriousness, Nigel and James were extremely impressed and proud of their partners.


  1. Caroline and Martin28 January 2014 at 16:46

    ahhh loverly! Martin and I go dancing weekly, it's great fun and everyone is always so friendly. Our teacher is in his 80's now but you'd never know.

  2. NB Birgits office29 January 2014 at 07:57

    well done Doug. Looking forward dancing with you on our birthday party in May. Both of you are looking pretty good. Love Birgit