Monday, 3 February 2014

Sloe gin and paint pots.

The last week has been a whirl of domestic activity – getting much needed jobs done for both ourselves and friends.


Two tasks were top of the list – the first being the making up of this year’s quota of sloe gin.  Being away over Christmas and New Year the sloes have steeped for an extra month ………….


…….. which means extra flavour!  Yum yum!


The second job on the list was to decorate for our dear friends Ann and John who do so much for us and in who’s debt we are constantly. 


This week, and last, the Selsey sea wall has taken a continued battering from very high tides and strong winds.  An awful lot of shingle has been washed away from the beach leaving a 6 to 8 foot drop.  This allows the sea to come right up and pound against the wall.


Thanks to investment in the sea defences along this shoreline the groins have recently been refurbished and they will hopefully continue to do their job for some time to come. Having said that it’s always a treat go down to the beach at this time of year, brace yourself against the wind and watch nature at her best.


Yesterday, to celebrate the completion of the decorating (any excuse!), we went with John and Ann to the Golf Club for very enjoyable Sunday lunch.

With most of our jobs out of the way we are now packing a few things into a suitcase and leaving sunny Sussex for a week in even sunnier parts.

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