Monday, 20 January 2014

Busy doing nothing ……….

………trying to find lots of things not to do!  The last few days have seen us doing more mooching about the capital before we go back to Sussex this week.  The city and it’s surrounding suburbs hold a great deal to see and enjoy just walking around.  


Just off the main “drags”, if you walk down a few alleys, there are some wonderful quiet little mews to enjoy.


A roundabout near Lancaster gate has a charm of it’s own –with the church of St James, Paddington centre stage.


A walk on the Kensington side of Hyde Park can turn up the odd gem of engineering – a Gull Wing SLS 6.3 AMG Mercedes. (sorry, it’s James again!)


A late evening walk along the South Bank holds a glorious display of history in lights.


County Hall and the Millennium Wheel in their fancy blue hue.  It’s been so mild over the last week it’s almost been shirt sleeve weather – at 10:30 on Sunday the crowds of people were still enjoying themselves. 


Hungerford Footbridge.


Blackfriars Bridge with St Pauls Cathedral behind.


We stopped for late dinner at Doggets on Blackfriars Bridge and overlooking Brackfriars Station with St Pauls peaking through the curtains, far left.


Today, Monday, we took a nice long walk from Paddington to St John’s Wood (past Lords Cricket Ground) and on to Hampstead.


There still a  few of these lovely Cabbies Boxes (we think) around.  This one is now a cafe.


On the way to Hampstead, Swiss Cottage offered Ye Olde Swiss Cottage (not the 1870 original!) for a well earned watering hole and a spot of lunch.  After Hampstead it was the ‘tube’ back to Paddington and the end of a another great day doing little but seeing much.

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  1. If you've got the bandwidth, have a look at this little film, made by a friend of mine, all about the cabmen's shelters: