Monday, 6 January 2014

Life on the ocean wave.

On Saturday evening we had a very enjoyable dinner with our “table mates”.  They’re all lovely people with a great sense of humour.


Here’s Doug with Belinda and David, David and Shirley.

After dinner we went to the Theatre to see “Crazy in Love”  a very good performance by the Royal Cunard Singers and Dancers.


We were getting very tired by late evening and, after doing a quick quiz in the “Golden Lion”, and having a drink with table mates Shirley and David, we tried to head for our cabin for a relatively early night.  However, we were ‘accosted’ by a dozen or so passengers we’d met up with earlier in the day who, collectively, wouldn’t take no for answer.  Who are we to argue! We needn’t say any more! 

Today (Sunday) Doug got up early to play Bridge while James did some ironing ……………


…………. and then took advantage of the peace and quiet by relaxing on the balcony in the, somewhat balmy, temperature of 13 C (Atlantic Ocean in January!).


You can’t say there’s nothing to see when going Trans – Atlantic. The photo can’t do it justice.


Later in the morning we were ‘up top’ playing Deck Shuffleboard.  This is a view mid ships looking forward. 


James was knocked out of Shuffleboard in the first round so he soon got talking to other passengers – one of whom took this pic.  The size of QM2’s funnel is quite awesome – the hooters are the size of a car!


We also got the same person to take this “Ah” pic when Doug had finished Shuffleboard (no he didn’t win this time"!)

The afternoon saw us enjoying a great show in the Planetarium (which is the only one in the world at sea) before a having a bit of a rest.


It’s just a non-stop whirl of socialising - early evening we were at the Commodore’s ’ drinks party.  He just got to the event in time for our arrival so we were able to have a few words (and the obligatory photo) with him before downing a couple of glasses of his champagne. Then it was off to a lovely dinner again – oh how tiresome!

This evening we have managed to sneak back to cabin for an earlier night (and to do this blog).  The sea is starting to get a little bit rougher as we’re now getting out into the deeper water of the Atlantic but the Commander has told us it should be a good crossing (SHOULD be!)  Another great day!


  1. I knew a girl with similar hooters!

  2. I knew Paul wouldn't let me down! Have fun! Paula