Sunday, 26 January 2014

“Hearty” Progress

For the last week and a bit we’ve enjoyed (as always) what our terrific capital has to offer, but on Wednesday we chose to return to West Sussex.


While we’ve been in Paddington Basin we’ve witnessed the start of the latest, and probably last, phase in the development of Merchants Square – the demolition of a small office building which will open up the inner pool of the basin.


Walking down Oxford Street on Tuesday we couldn’t resist this shot of one of Selfridge’s window displays – a cello being used to create a galleon. The black background of the display and cleanliness of the window has produced an unintentional effect!


Our journey along the Paddington Arm and back to the marina was warm and sunny and a positive delight.  For once James managed to get a photo of the only view you get from the canal of Wembley Stadium.


Cruising serenely over the hustle and bustle of London traffic can give a rather smug feeling. 


Heavenly winter cruising along the Paddington Arm.

Getting back to the marina and, after packing up ‘Chance’ and loading the car, our smug feeling quickly evaporated when we hit the rush hour traffic on the M25!  Anyway, West Sussex was safely reached on Wednesday evening and we’ll now hopefully spend the next week catching up with friends and family.


Today, Sunday, it’s howling a gale in Selsey here on the tip of the Manhood peninsular, producing heavy seas to batter our, already fragile, sea defences.


This isn’t for the faint hearted!

BREAKING NEWS: on Friday James saw a heart surgeon from the Hammersmith and City Hospital who has agreed to perform an ablation procedure in a few month’s time. Hopefully this should correct the increasing problem of his Atrial Fibrillation (not that that’s ever stopped him from burning the candle at both ends!)

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  1. Good news about Jame's op. We wish him well and hope all goes OK..