Thursday, 2 January 2014

A walk in the park.

It’s getting colder in NY as this week progresses and yesterday it was new territory for us when we took a walk up to Central Park –suitably dressed for the occasion.


There’s a lot of rock in the park and on every side the huge and imposing 1920’s / 30’s architecture provides a reminder that the city is not far away.


It’s possible to enjoy the seals being fed without paying to go into the zoo.  The bare trees at this time of year allow views of the classic NY skyline.


Very cold, very bare and surprisingly very quiet.  Not a lot of activity considering it was New Years’ day and a public holiday.


We managed to accost someone for a photo of us both – in our matching trappers hats!


The new mayor, sworn in at midnight, has immediately stated that he will ‘outlaw’ these horse drawn carriages from the city.  It’s seems an astonishing thing to do when this lovely tourist attraction (which only operate around Central Park as far as we can see) bothers no one.


A couple of shots of us in the subway: we bought a weeks unlimited ticket which is the cheapest way to get around and includes buses. (We have taken a few yellow cabs as well).  Although it gets a lot of people around the city, which is it’s main function, it can be confusing to use (good job Doug’s around as James would get himself lost at the drop of a hat!).  The subway is not a patch on the London Underground especially for cleanliness and ‘character’.


The Subway’s not really as cold as it looks in this picture!


Probably one of the prettiest buildings in Manhattan – the Chrysler Building is also one of the only ones that you can get a decent view of.

Yesterday evening saw us enjoying local company again in a great club and having “dinner” at 2 o’ clock in the morning before returning to the hotel for some sleep!  There’s snow on the way for our final day.

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