Friday, 10 January 2014

QM2 Birthday Party (and other excuses!)

There are a lot of celebratory photos in this blog.  Probably because, as time is running out for us all on this voyage, there’s been a lot of partying!


There were many QM2 birthday parties on board on Wednesday evening – the one we attended was at the G32 nightclub (so named because G32 was the code name for the ship while she was being built).


At midnight we had a balloon drop………


…….which prompted much jumping up and down and dancing for a long time before ……..


…….. sitting back down for a rest.


Then it was back up on the dance floor for more energetic stuff.  The night wore on with much fun being had with many new friends and, of course, it ended very late at 4am!

Today started very late for many of us and, much like the whole wonderful voyage, it passed in a pleasant and gentle haze.


This evening, as usual, many of QM2’s “mutual admiration society” met in the Commodore Club for drinks before dinner …….


…. although, as it was our last night, some of us gathered in Tony and Mat’s state room for Champagne and canapé's.  Here’s Tony, Mat, Doug, Alistair and Jonathan ……… 


……… before going to a specially arranged table for dinner this evening.


We dock in Southampton at 6 o’ clock on Friday morning so bid our farewells late this evening in the Champagne Bar.  Eric, James, Zach, John, Doug, (drinks stewardess) Alistair, Phillip, Rusty, Jonathan, Mat and Tony – plus a few missing from this shot will, we’re sure, be keeping in touch from time to time on both sides of the Atlantic.  Thanks to all you guys for making such a marvellous and wonderful week for us. It’s been a joy to meet such interesting and lovely people.

Journeys of any sort never go quite the way you think, and this Trans-Atlantic one was no exception.  As the week went on our “family” grew and bonded during the evenings and, quite by chance, we were all privileged to be on this unique and fabulous vessel on her 10th birthday which made the crossing extra special.  We certainly very much enjoyed this, our first, Atlantic voyage.   It certainly wont be our last!


  1. It looks stunning. It really does look like a floating stately home. My Mother in law has promised me a luxury cruise when she wins the lottery, i'll be checking she's been buying her ticket! Paula

    1. Hi Paula, QM2 really is stunning, We had an amazing time, if you ever get the chance to travel on her you won't be disappointed. x