Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Rough Ride?

The size of the ship’s hooters went down very well in yesterday’s blog!  We’ll try to include some technical stuff for certain devotees but there seems to be a dearth of information about the ship so far.

Today we hardly saw each other – Doug had a “spa day” (lazing around in watery places) and James attended three lectures and a piano recital.  The most interesting of which was that given by Dr Tom Jones – astronaut, scientist, astrophysicist and general all round extremely clever guy.  His experiences of the space shuttle and the International Space Lab was quite riveting to listen to.


The recital by pianist and composer Ratko Delorko was excellent. In his light cream tails it made it difficult to get a good photo!


The third and final lecture was an “insight” into the lives of the famous by Hollywood columnist Sue Cameron. (Very informative and interesting but obviously not very technical.)  All the same, if it’s true (and her delivery was carefully worded!),  the ‘stars’ certainly live a different existence to the rest of us.


It was during this extremely interesting section of her talk (above)that Sue was interrupted with an address by the Commodore.  He informed us that the weather situation in the Atlantic was to worsen over the next 24 hours and the “sea was likely to build”.  The stabilisers were to be deployed and he reminded us that the ship was very much designed to cope with extreme weather conditions!  We’ve already taken to our (midships) cabin, which is subject to the least movement thankfully, as it’s uncomfortable and hazardous to walk about the ship unnecessarily.  The room service is great and so is the sea!  There are regular shuddering's of the ships’ hull amid some dramatic  lurching's (not technical expressions but descriptive we hope).  Currently at 22:30 hours ship’s time it’s Gale Force 7.  We are still having great fun but watch this space. 


  1. Can we have a video clip of passengers trying to walk on stormy seas, always makes me chuckle. Safe trip back guys.

  2. Yarrrr.... sealegs! "Heeling and Listing" are the terms, IIRC. Enjoy the trip guys. Journey of a lifetime. Well jealous. :)

  3. The other option would be -15 degrees (and falling) in New York.
    PS. I wish Matilda Rose had stabilisers!

  4. Oh you will be OK. I remember before I lived aboard NP I would get sea sick passing Fawley, you know where that is!

    Now I never get sea sick and will be looking forward to the 'bay' next week!