Saturday, 8 June 2013

You can’t win them all.

On the Thursday evening we set off to the West End (again!), this time to see “Chorus Line” at the London Palladium.


We had a pre performance drink in the stunningly beautiful, and very busy, ‘Argyle Arms’ in Argyle Street (obviously)– anyone who hasn’t seen it should, as its a lovely old London Pub.


A few yards further down Argyle Street and we arrive at the London Palladium.


It’s a great building ……..


…….. with, needless to say, an awesome history of variety and performance.  Sadly, the performance we saw was pretty awful!  We’ve  never been so bored – 2 hours, without a break, of very poor material.  We have to say that the whole cast was very talented but the storyline was dreary and it was only the last ten minutes which was anything worth being called entertaining. The main star, John Partridge, was only on stage for about a quarter of the time.  Very disappointing.  Never mind……..


………. we made our way home via Carnaby Street (James can remember the days!)………….


……. through Leicester Square, where we had a piece of pizza, ……….


………. and then the tube back home.

Friday was great , as James and Debbie (nb ‘Lois Jane’) came back into Paddington in the morning and came on board for a ‘cuppa’.  The time went on, the wine came out -  then a bite of lunch was had and while we were enjoying all this, the marvellous footbridge near to us was ‘tested’.  The bridge rolls up to allow boats through into the small wharf at the M & S building.


Here’s the bridge in it’s down position.


Half way up.


Complete!  It’s a fantastic design and every Friday, when it’s tested, there are quite a number of photographers to capture the moment.


James, Debbie and Doug just about to enjoy a very relaxing few hours in the sunshine.


Later in the day we went off and had a walk around “London W1”  After we walked down Harley Street we passed the new BBC Centre tucked behind “All Souls, Langham Place”.


We got great views of the iconic, and almost forgotten, Post Office Tower, which is still a proper London landmark.


We had a nice walk through Regents Park ………..


……….. crossing the Regents Canal that we’ll be using on Saturday.  We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant in Baker Street then caught to tube from there back to Paddington.


The two platforms at Baker Street tube station were part of the world’s first underground railway which opened in1863 between Paddington and Farringdon.  It’s a lovely station with much original architecture.

A quick wash and change back on the boat, then it was onto another late night on the town!


  1. Good to see the roll-up bridge again! Pip xxx

  2. It was great to see you both again and enjoy your hospitality for a relaxing afternoon in great company, just what we needed after a stressy couple of days :-)

    James & Debz