Monday, 17 June 2013

Still on our Wey.

Selsey friends, Neil and Phillip with their dogs, Logan and Holly, joined us today at Guildford for a couple of days.  After a bit of lunch we headed down stream during the early afternoon …………


……… past the only bit of “heritage” on the riverside in Guildford, Dapdune Wharf.


We soon got Neil in harness helping with the locks.  Doug’s raised his paddle but Neil is still to perfect the technique!


We also got Phillip in harness as well.  He successfully completed two locks, two bridges and a number of bends!


Logan and Holly, at first a bit nervous, soon got their sea legs and started to enjoy the trip.


A rare event (no not Neil and James having a hug) but James doing a lock!


Three happy sailors – it didn’t take long for the wine to be uncorked!


We got to our mooring for the night – outside The New Inn at Send at 5:30 and enjoyed pre dinner drinks ………


……..before having a very good meal in the pub.  Neil, Phillip, Doug and James.

PS.  We’ll be off the river tomorrow so you won’t have to put up with any more “Wey” puns!


  1. Looks lovely boys and Logan and Holly look just like natural salty sea dogs!

    Andrea x

  2. James and Debbie has left a new comment on your post "Still on our Wey.":

    No more wey jokes - wey hey :-)

    I did think tonight's would have been 'I did it mmmyyyyy wweeeyyyyyy'

    PS 50% of today's photos feature booze :-)

    PPS were back in the basin for Saturday - see u soon

  3. Wey to go! Thought you'd been very restrained with the puns, must admit it is tempting specially seeing all the boat names along the Wey. Kx