Thursday, 20 June 2013

Balmy evening.

Yesterday (Wednesday), after saying good bye to Phillip,Neil and the dogs, Holly and Logan we stayed where we were on “the wall” near Shepperton Lock for the day.


Our planned cleaned down of ‘Chance’ before the weekend coincided with the hottest day of the year so far!  Never the less, we persevered, inside and out, until all was finished and then (deciding not to use our own machine) walked a mile and a half to the laundrette to get the washing out of the way.  The exercise did us good (and was necessary) after the very enjoyable and relaxing time we had with Neil and Phillip over the last few days. 

We’re certainly not complaining about the odd day of hard work, especially when we were looking forward to yesterday evening.  Jaq and Les on nb ‘Valerie’ had invited us for dinner with them and it was a grand end to the day when they arrived and moored next to us on “the wall”.


James, Les and Jaq about to enjoy the most wonderful dinner on board ‘Valerie’ on a lovely balmy evening.


The chattering never stopped, even when the “Phase 10” cards came out.  The rules of the game were soon put to one side as the conversation continued unabated!  Thank you very much Jaq and Les, we had a lovely time with you and it was so good to catch up, and get to know you both, at last.

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  1. LOL! Great pictures Doug!! The craic was great and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you and James. Thank you for the coffee and delicious muffins next morning! It is great to go from blog acquaintance to friends!
    Jaq and LesXX