Tuesday, 25 June 2013

We can’t stay away.

We left our mooring at Kings Cross yesterday and travelled the 500 yards to the London Canal Museum for last nights mooring.


There was nothing of great interest in our 500 yard journey but then, when we walked into Kings Cross for a meal in the evening, we came across a grass car! …………….


……………. with a smile on its face!

Today, we had an early start to get to Paddington Basin for a few more days.


At St Pancras Lock we looked back to see the skyline of Kings Cross.  Although there is so much building work going on it’s still a pleasant, clean area to enjoy.


In on of the pounds at Camden the water was clear enough to see the vast amount of debris on the bottom.


Camden at 7:30 in the morning – a far cry from the heaving tumult at weekends.


We enjoyed the pleasant surroundings of the canal as it goes through Regents Park.  This is “blow up bridge”.

We arrived at Paddington Basin to find only one space left – still, that’s enough!  We were looking forward to todays highlight which was the arrival of our good friends Jayne and Stephen on nb ‘Dolce Far Niente’, who arrived soon after us and were able to get the space vacated only 5 minutes earlier.  Still, that’s enough!


We were soon having coffee and cake and catching up on things on board ‘Chance’.


Then it was off into Paddington and a very pleasant lunch at Ask.  The lovely manager was extremely helpful and usual.


We returned back to the basin to enjoy the sunshine on the back of the boat.  We had a chat with a lad on a paddle board, who obviously hadn’t fallen in, and who was looking for a mooring.  Despite the basin being full we think he was able to squeeze in somewhere (only joking).


Jayne, Stephen and Doug.  The opportunity for a glass of wine in the sunshine was too much to resist.


  1. Saw the grass car a few years ago outside the Chelsea Flower Show - appropriate!

  2. Lovely car; I do wonder how they mow it though. Hair clippers perhaps? Great post--made me want to go back to the Big Smoke--for just a moment.