Sunday, 16 June 2013

On our Wey back

Having reached the limit of the River Wey Navigation here at Godalming, there’s only one way to go – back!


We had lazy morning with Doug getting shopping from the very conveniently positioned Sainsbury’s (just across the road) and James went for a bit of a mooch around.  There are some very old buildings and some interesting buildings in the town.  This one probably isn’t ancient but it’s beautifully constructed in stone and brick.


The Town Bridge is the official limit of the navigation but the real limit is about 300 yards before where a tree had fallen across the river.  The practical limit is the winding hole close to where we’ve moored ‘Chance’, so take your pick!


There are some very old buildings in Church Street including an alehouse dating from the 1500’s and still used as a pub.  Evidently there used to be over 50 inns and alehouses in Godalming at one time.


This the winding hole where it’s a doddle to turn as the river current gently swings the front of the boat around with no assistance (if you get it right!)  As the water tap was right in front of’ ‘Chance’ we topped up before heading back at midday.


Just before Guildford we passed this strange sand bank on one side of the river.  Where the man is standing its very steep and goes straight into the river.  We wonder haw many people have ended up in the drink!


Our mooring in Guildford this evening is exactly the same one as it was on our way upriver.  It’s was damp start to our journey but has ended in bright sunshine this evening.

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