Monday, 10 June 2013

A Helping Hand

We had some very useful help on our journey today.  Family relations Catherine, Oscar and Abby came with us for a cruise down to Limehouse Basin.


We had a very peaceful night on the Kings Cross moorings.


At the Islington tunnel we waited for a boat to come through in the other direction and it just happened to be a working ‘moty’ and butty (‘Fazeley’) and a great treat for all of us to see.


Abby got stuck into the first lock, using all her strength to lift the paddle – but she did it!


As we passed by we were saluted(with paddles) by a colourful class of school pupils as they prepared to be launched into the water with their canoes down a very steep slide.


Catherine, Oscar, Abby and James laughing off the chilly weather we experienced today.


This is Catherine, using what little weight she has, to close a lock gate. She’s wearing Doug’s coat as it was so cold! 


A blurry picture of lunchtime ‘on the hoof’.


As we had a bit of time before Catherine, Oscar and Abby had to return home, we passed straight through Limehouse Basin and up the Limehouse Cut to have a look at the Olympic site.  On route we passed through Old Ford Lock, beside which the “Big Breakfast” house still stands (now a private dwelling). You can see the Olympic Stadium very close behind it.


Having winded at the junction with Hertfordshire Union Canal we started back towards Limehouse, getting a great view of the Olympic Stadium on our return journey.


This is Abby and Oscar skilfully operating the powered gates and paddles of Old Ford Lock.

Catherine, Oscar and Abby left us to go home when we got back to Limehouse.  It was great that they were able to join us today, and thanks guys for all the help.  Both Abby and Oscar had a chance to steer the boat and both were exceptionally quick to pick up the technique. Well done both of you!

After they left we breasted up with nb ‘Tranquillity’ in the basin. Dave and Maureen were our neighbours for a while at Paddington and tomorrow they are joining us with their boat to go up the tidal Thames through London. We hope for good weather!


  1. Hey guys, sounds like you've had a fantastic time in London, and you'll miss the theater and the night life! I'm going to see The Audience on Thursday evening - I'm seeing it at the cinema when it is going to be broadcast live - couldn't get tickets for the real event, so this is the next best thing (I hope)!

    Here's hoping for good weather on the tidal Thames tomorrow - what time are you setting off? I'll be walking across Waterloo bridge around noon - I'll look out for you as I cross the river!

    Life jackets to the ready and all that!

    Take care, Adrian

  2. Hi Adrian, Enjoy the Audience its great, Helen Mirren is amazing as the Queen. We are due into Limehouse lock at 1pm... Seems like we will miss you as well as Adam...

  3. Hope you have a good trip. It will be busy on the river at that time. Look forward to your pics. Enjoy the trip, its really great. x

  4. Hi Guys, We are now heading down towards London, I really want to do the Thames from Limehouse but don't have a VHF License, can you turn up at the basin and go with a boat that has one?
    Have a good trip.

  5. Hi Paul and Elaine,you can just turn up at Limehouse, and join another boat with a VHF radio and license, if they will act as escort, but according to the lockie thats happening less and less these days, they are checking now that you have a VHF, lifejackets and anchor... the boat coming with us asked us last week when we were going so they could join, best to ask when you are in Paddington to see if anyone plans to go.

  6. Oooh lumpy bumpy tomorrow