Tuesday, 18 June 2013

We found the Wey to get off!

Sorry, it really is the last of the ‘Wey’ puns.  We left Send this morning after a cooked full English breakfast.


We were soon passing through Walsham Flood Gates – the last remaining turf sided lock on the Wey Navigation.


Very happily, we met up with Kathryn on nb ‘Leo No2’ , a fellow blogger and someone we’d been hoping to catch up with at some time.  We had a quick chat before wending our ‘wey’ onwards. Nice to meet you Kathryn, and hope to see you again soon.


James, Philip, Logan and Holly patiently waiting for the lock to fill.


No Neil, it doesn’t look big in those!


Passing under the M25.


‘Chance’ looking good in a lock.


Weybridge New Bridge – it carries an avenue of trees and a dual carriageway across the river.


Waiting to get off the Wey.  Thames Lock was closed while the lock keeper had his lunch. Neil holding Logan, Doug and Phillip holding Holly. 


After the lock keeper had finished his lunch it wasn’t long before we were back onto Old Father Thames and moored up ‘on the wall’ at the confluence of the Wey and the Thames near Shepperton Lock.  And of course it wasn’t long before we were on the rear deck and enjoying a glass of wine and the long awaited sunshine which was promised today.


Neil and Phillip will be leaving us in the morning to get back to their busy lives.  We had a great couple of days with them and we’re very glad they found time to join us.  Logan and Holly have had a ball as well!


What could be better –  good friends, a glass of wine and sunshine on the River Thames!

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