Friday, 14 June 2013

Gone to Guildford

We had a very quiet run up the river to Guildford today.  There was a lot of beautiful countryside to look at…………….


……….. we passed a very nice restoration project!


Goats in a field of buttercups………


……… and then we turn a corner and find nb ‘Valerie’ with Jaq and Les on board – at last we meet these fellow bloggers!  We had a quick chat while James tried to keep ‘Chance’ straight in the river despite the wind and the current!  Both of us forgot to take photos at the time and then both of us remembered as we left, hence Jaq is leaning out of the window tightly hanging on to her camera!


A pretty little lock keepers cottage at Triggs Lock.


There are still a lot of “Springer” boats around, despite their age – none quite so gay as this one.


The National Trust feeling is around all the time on this navigation – scenery around the river is very tranquil and the waterway can get quite narrow in places.


Trust the National Trust to preserve everything possible – this beautiful and very old Oak tree is held together with iron bands.


We used the water tap at Stoke Lock to fill up.  Quaintly, the water point is also the lock landing but it didn’t matter today as there are so very few boats around we hindered no one.


After Stoke Lock the Wey Navigation becomes the Godalming Navigation.  There are some very early dates around these parts.


We pass through Guildford – not very inspiring around the lock area.


After getting through the city we moored up at “the Meadows” – a quiet wetland next to the river which we were kindly advised to use by a few boaters.  Stopping at midday gave us plenty of time to get the washing dry.  In the strong, warm wind it didn’t take long.  James took the opportunity to change the engine and gearbox oil and give ‘Chance’ a good ‘going over’ while Doug took advantage of the Friday market in town. 

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