Friday, 20 September 2013

While Doug's away - James will work very hard.

Wed Sept 18th.

Doug caught the train to Chichester mid morning while Mark, Rachel and James started preparations for the final top coat to 'Chance'.
The small bits of roof, not covered with sand, were the first to be done today and that went very well in the afternoon.

Thurs Sept 19th.

The newly painted roof was covered with brown paper to stop any contamination from further painting. When James' phone started to ring it was a good while before he realised that Mark had purposely sealed it under some brown paper (which didn't show at all and had James extremely confused!) Anyway, back to the important work - the rest of the areas got their final preps and then it was over to Mark for the last job of the day. Before the final sealing up of the back door, James thought he ought to take out his phone, camera and Ipad. getting off the boat he forgot there was no deck boarding and stepped onto the brown paper (which, unsurprisingly, didn't take his weight) - one foot went down into the engine room, he then fell off the deck and into the water (well his lower half anyway!) and plop went the month old camera to the bottom of the River Soar!

Soggy clothes, a grazed shin and a very damp retrieved camera (which is now sitting in a bag of rice to absorb the water), the painting of the day continued with a very successful outcome. 'Chance' is now looking very good indeed, albeit, still in the brown paper wrapping.

Doug, in the meantime, is getting his work done on the South Coast and enjoying meeting up with neighbours and friends.

(No photos at the moment - sorry. Not because the camera is out of action but because James can't seem to transfer them on this Ipad!)

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