Thursday, 26 September 2013

The End in Sight!

With the kind offer from MGM we moved Geoff and Mags on nb ‘Seyella’ from their first mooring on Watermead Park to the visitor mooring at the boatyard during the afternoon.


‘Seyella’ looking very dapper in her new colours.  Geoff has done a brilliant job.


Mags, James and Geoff after the fish and chip supper we all enjoyed on board ‘Seyella’ last evening.


Geoff very generously offered James a couple of hours labour and helped with the final coat of blacking.  You can imagine the precision with two retired engineers together!  Thanks very much Geoff it was more than a couple of hours!


‘Chance’ is now sporting a row of very shiny new mushroom vents. 


A perfect rear end! ………


………. and the front end’s pretty good as well.


Much of the ‘big’ work is complete now so there are a few small jobs that can be fitted in while we’re on dry land.  The weed hatch is having a bit of a make over and James is going to tackle the bow thruster tube tomorrow – that should prove interesting!

This evening we have been invited on board nb Seyella to have dinner, so we are looking forward to another great evening…

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  1. lovely German girl ;O))27 September 2013 at 08:33

    As the boat now looks so fantastic it will be a pleasur for me to stay on it next week. Great job! I guess I won't have the heart to steer it. That's a feather on James cap. Looking forward seeing you guys on Monday. Love Birgit XX