Saturday, 28 September 2013

Technical Stuff

We’re coming to the end of ‘Chance’s’ improvements and we are very much looking forward to cruising again next week.  James is getting tired and Doug is complaining about the dust everywhere!


One job which we decided was necessary was to install a charcoal filter in the breather line from the black water holding tank.  The tank is under the bed and there was plenty of room to cut the tubing and position the filter.  It was an instant answer to the poo pong problem (which sometimes comes out of the vent on the outside of the boat) when we flush the loo.  The filter should be changed every year but it’s well worth the £25 spent at Aquafax.


The weed hatch (or should it be the plastic bag hatch these days) also got a makeover.  For the non boating readers this hatch is the regular source of much angst when we get a plastic bag caught round the propeller.  Sometimes it can be  something much more difficult to remove and the poor volunteer has to get the lid off and get his (or her) arm down to the prop and unwind whatever is caught.


It wasn’t too corroded so it was a quick scrape and an application of rust inhibitor, then a couple of coats of paint.


If it hadn’t been for Geoff on nb ‘Seyella’ the other day James would have forgotten to do this while the boat was out of the water.


Luckily the propeller is in really good condition with no major nicks out of it.  We’ll replace the split pin, which stops the nut coming off, tomorrow just as a precaution while we can.

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