Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Good Rub Down.

This morning we said goodbye to Gary and Della as they departed for their maiden voyage.


nb ‘Muleless’ looked very good indeed as she silently pulled away from the jetty this morning.


Have a good voyage guys and we hope you enjoy your lovely new boat!


As soon as ‘Muleless’ had disappeared round the bend James got on with the weekends work of rubbing down and then rubbing down.  And when he’s finished that, there’s more rubbing down to do!

He did get a break when the customers for MGMs next build arrived to have a look at ‘Chance’ and to make some decisions on their rear deck design ……


……. then it was back to rubbing down!  At 5 o’ clock with hardly any finger nails left, and no finger prints to speak of,  he decided to call it a day.

Doug wasn’t idle either – he supplied refreshments all day and replanted the flower tubs outside the office.  He’s now gone to get a fish and chip supper which we’ve been looking forward to all day.


  1. Hi guys.

    If all goes to plan, we should be through Leicester on Monday afternoon. We would really love to meet up and say hello. Promise we'll bring a paintbrush !!

    John & Louise

  2. Oh yes! No fingerprints nor nails! I remember it well!
    Got the aerial BTW. Now we've got to find a dodgy signal area to try it out...