Sunday, 8 January 2012

A late start!

After our very enjoyable late night with Del and Al we weren’t about very early however, at 11.30am as prearranged, we met up with them again, this time on nb Derwent 6, for coffee and cake and to have a look around their very nicely finished boat.  There are some very innovative ideas especially the expanding bed and the foldaway office!


Doug, Del, James and Al in one of those awkward self timer shots!

By 1.30pm we thought we really ought to make a move and get down the Buckby flight of 7 locks while the daylight still allowed us.  There was no one else to team up with so we were on our own and, although all the locks were against us, we were through in less than 2 hours.


Doug working the  locks (as usual!)


Yet another mild afternoon with the occasional sunny interval. Lock 12

The short journey from the bottom of the locks to our chosen mooring was very noisy due to the M1 being about 3 feet away(!) and very messy due to a great deal of floating hawthorn hedge debris which built up in front of the bow and caught around the prop.  However……. 


tonight we are safely moored just after bridge 22, away from the M1 but still with the hawthorn debris.  We’ve had to relight the stove as its been so mild today we let it go out!  Here’s us (in a very poor photo) under a wonderful crimson sunset.


  1. I've had to get my Grand Union map out to find Bridge 22! You're putting some miles in, even though it's winter. How far are you hoping to get?

  2. Hi Adam, Only doing a few hours a day, you know us! We weren't planning to be out for so long, but the weather has been so good, we decided to carry on a while longer. See you soon.

  3. We're enjoying the mild weather too. Yesterday felt like spring, with the birds singing enthusiastically!
    A familiar part of the GU for us as we were moored at Blisworth before moving onto Tacet last year.

  4. Hi Ian and Karen, The Grand Union is lovely, and this mild weather bizarre, hope it continues for us all. Hope all is well with you both.