Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shore Leave

It’s been three days since we last blogged and we’ve been settling into life on dry land.  While catching up with other blog sites we’ve recently read similar articles from Jo and Keith on nb ‘Hadar’ and Maffi on nb ‘Milli M’ about picking up the litter around your mooring position at the end of the day.  We think it’s a great idea and will take up the challenge as soon as we’re back on board ‘Chance’.  It rather ties in with a similar activity here in Selsey as James joins the regular beach clean up team when he can – so it shouldn’t come as too hard a task on the towpath! 


Oscar and Doug earlier in the week walking on Selsey Bill when the weather wasn’t all that great.  The attractive building in the background is the Bill House with it’s own lookout tower.


Walking round from the Bill, and on our way back home, we came across this view looking east along the beach (where we litter pick) – couldn’t see much past the lifeboat station!

On Tuesdays we usually take Oscar for his swimming therapy session in a purpose built “doggie pool” which is only a couple of miles outside our village……


…’s generally a matter of luck these days if he finds his toy as his eyesight is so poor.  But he seems to enjoy himself!


Swimming over, and after a warm shampoo and shower, here he is in his dressing gown with his friend and swimming partner ‘Skye’.

Yesterday and today have both been lovely sunny days……..


…. today we got this view from Selsey Bill with the Isle of Wight in the distance (it looks closer in real life!).  From here we can see cargo ships and cruise liners going in and out of Southampton Docks.


  1. We adore Oscar. Every time we see him he makes us smile, but the dressing gown picture takes the biscuit.

    Stephen & Jayne
    nb Dolce far Niente

  2. Oscar doesn't look very impressed with his dressing gown. I'm not sure it's his colour.

  3. Was Oscar unhappy at getting out of the pool, as he doesn't look to happy, or was it the pink dressing gown! (ha ha)

    Ali x