Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Our dear old friend Oscar has, amazingly, reached his 14th Birthday today! 


We thought we ought to mark this birthday with a special card – trying to get him to hold it long enough to take a photo without chopping Doug’s head off was too much!


He’s always opened his own presents!


Last Christmas he did not want open his presents so there must have been some improvement since then.  He went to the “Doggy Doctors” yesterday for a quick check up and more of what keeps him going.  We left with the same advice as before – just keep on enjoying him - he’s coping very well at the moment.


  1. Indeed, happy birtday Oscar and many happy returns!

    From Jack & Molly

  2. Happy Birthday Oscar, hope you enjoyed your prezy.

    Stephen & Jayne
    nb Dolce Far Niente

  3. Happy Birthday Oscar. You look amazingly well for your age. Long may it continue and keep opening your presents!

    Irene, Ian and Woofit Jade

  4. Happy Birthday Oscar, hope you liked your present and you got a 'special birthday tea'!

    love Ali & John x

  5. Happy Birthday to Oscar! What an achievement. Lovely to see him so enthusiastic about opening his present.

  6. Oscar you handsome boy, YOU are the eye candy aboard Nb.Chance and looking so good for your years!
    X Lesley

  7. Hi both, Am currently in Afghanistan but still enjoying following your travels when I can get online, Just so happens it was my birthday on the 23rd as well as Oscars. Have to say he's looking good for his age. Take care.

  8. Many happy returns to Oscar and hi to you as well.

    Long story - we met up with Graham of Matilda Rose who told us that you are the guys who previously cruised the country in nb Spirit.

    We whooped with joy - our paths crossed nb Spirit's several times, when Indigo Dream and associated greyhounds were still new and shiny. We thought you'd sold up and gone shorewards - great to hear that you're still on the water.

    Hope to meet up with you sometime.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  9. Oscar would just like to say Thank you for all his Birthday comments, if only his owners had so much attention!

    Hi Colin, from Afghanistan, Belated Birthday Wishes to you and glad you are enjoying the blog out there...

    Hi Sue and Richard, Hope to catch up with you sometime on the cut!