Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We have an engine!

We have just received some pictures of the engine being installed today. 


Its a Beta Marine 43hp with three alternators, one of which is the 240V generator. 


The engine’s installed once, to mark the position of the mountings.  Then taken out and the mounting holes drilled, and then finally installed.


All went well and not a scratch on the paint!  The poles look a bit strange at the moment but are angled to match the contour of the boat and will finally be topped with a very nice chunky American Oak seating rail.


  1. Just think that piece of machinery being loaded into your engine bay is going to chug you along the cut for many miles of happy cruising! It reminds me how excited I was at this stage! Your getting closer by the day to your dream. Bring it on!!

  2. Thanks Debbie, Its all happening so fast!! But we are so looking forward to getting cruising again. Thanks for your interest in the blog. Doug