Friday, 11 February 2011

“Chance” has just got technical !

The engine bay has just received most of it’s vital organs!  The engine and gearbox are now in and coupled to the prop shaft.  It’s been run several times to allow the engine to settle on the mounts before final adjustments are made.  The calorifier is on the left and three of the five batteries in place on the right.  Our big fat hospital silencer is at the bottom of the picture.  The Mikuni heater is waiting in the wings.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 005

The mock up of the rear deck seating rail gives an idea of how it should look when the real one (2” thick American light oak) is fitted.  We’re looking forward to relaxing on the rear deck on some sunny summer evenings!

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 008

The wardrobe holds all the switchgear and the stuff we don’t need to see.  It’s fairly compact and still gives us good hanging space.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 019

Inside the rear steps are the 3.5 kW travel pack, 1800W inverter and battery charger.  The steps will be ventilated to get rid of the heat.  The central heating header tank is mounted on the right and will be boxed in.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 020