Thursday, 27 January 2011

A “Chance” to work on our boat!

We have just spent 3 days up at MGM.  James has been given a few jobs to do on Chance whilst we were there.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 033

He and Rachel helped with some of the wiring, and he also painted the second coat in the engine bay, as well as helping with the rubbing down of the outside.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 036

The Worcester windows we have chosen were also put in whilst we were at MGM as the boat has also been painted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 001

Nb Chance Jan 2011 018

We decided to go for the same colour as our last boat “Spirit” as it seemed to work so well (chosen by the original owners) with all chrome fittings and windows.  We are really pleased with the result, it gives the boat the contemporary look that we wanted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 035

The bulkheads are in place for the bathroom and bedroom, and the shower tray has been fitted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 027

We have chosen the tiles as well, which will be in a brickwork design.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 013

Looking from the bathroom into the galley and saloon.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 029

The fresh water tank is also now in place, all 110 gallons of it!


  1. Its coming along well, getting excited? I don't know if you've had any thoughts on the shower and use of tiles but I found after about 18months on 'MR' the grout gave way and water got in behind, so I replaced the tiles with mermaid board which so far hasn't shown any sign of wear and tear, it is available in about 200 designs, Just needs wiping down and doesn't have the same problems of grout dropping out and staining. something to think about.

  2. Thanks Graham. Will look into this, we did choose larger tiles so less grouting to worry about. But will have a look at the designs in the mermaid board. Doug

  3. Wow..... Starting to look like a home!

  4. nb Chance is looking great. Love the blue paintwork and the chairs look comfy. I had a look at the link for the chairs. Which type did you choose? Elly

  5. Hi Elly and Mick. Thanks for the comments, we are very pleased with the colour, we wanted something different from the traditional look! We chose the mandalay chairs, we have been looking for them for months, and thought at £139 each! they were an incredible price too! Regards Doug