Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oscar’s fine and doing well!

A non boat blog for a change, as some of you have been asking after Oscar,  so just to show you that he’s still going strong at 13 years and a few months old, I have posted a couple of pictures of him today during his half hour in the local doggy pool!


He goes most weeks, at a pool in the next village to ours in Sidlesham, called Therapaws.  We are sure it keeps him going at his age, and certainly helps his joints and seems to look forward to his 30 minutes each week!



  1. Oscar looks like he's having a great time - it would be Muttleys worst nightmare

  2. I didnt know special doggy pools existed!

  3. Hi Andy
    There are not many in the country I gather, we are just very lucky to have one so close to home! Doug