Thursday, 31 July 2014

Good grief we’re in Fuerteventura!!.

We have to start with a late pic. from a couple of days ago …….

Pauline 3

……. of fab friend Pauline the “Cup Cake Queen of the Canals” proudly displaying the mug we just had to buy her (in London over a year ago!).  “Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes”.


Getting to Brinklow Marina Tuesday evening, when John the harbourmaster greeted us so attentively, we invited him back in the evening for a beer, which he gladly excepted.  We enjoyed his company and conversation very much – thanks John and see you again soon.

On Wednesday, having  bussed, trained and planed our way to Fuerteventura, we landed 30 minutes early in the evening (by the kind co-operation of Monarch Airlines) and literally 15 minutes after the plane came to halt, we were standing outside the terminal building (must be a record).  Our friend, Manel, who we are staying with, collected us and we were soon relaxing in the garden of his lovely villa just outside Corralejo.


Today was a great day and one which came up to the promise by Manel of showing us some really spectacular and beautiful parts of the island which we’d not seen before.  Here we are about to climb one of the many extinct volcanoes.


This was definitely James’ territory – he’s very keen on volcanology and plate tectonics and this was just wonderful for him.


It wasn’t possible to get a shot of the whole caldera but this is the bottom where, thousands of years ago, magma spewed forth and made it’s contribution to the island as it is today.


Here’s a panorama pic. from the volcano’s rim looking out to the northeast where a few of its brothers and sisters sit proudly in the barren landscape. In the distance you can just make out the island of Lanzarote.  


Sorry (Boring!) - James can’t resist showing a shot of the volcano rim.  What a fiery magnificence happened here way back!


Today the volcano is home to thousands of Chipmunks (which are now being treated as pests).  They’re brave enough to be hand fed these days.


With volcanoes behind us Manel took us to one of the many magnificent beaches situated in the north of the island to indulge in some snorkelling.  James appears to be proudly displaying a couple of flippers which he caught earlier!  


The fine white sand from the beaches gets blown into dunes before merging into the vast, dry ‘moonscape’ of the island’s northern parts. 


Homeward bound, after a fantastic day, we travelled past the tiny coastal village of  Majanicho, where they catch fish and dry them in the baking heat of sun.


Just a  bit of a travel pic.of us with Majanicho in the background. James is about to look nonchalant with his hand in his pocket but, instead, has been caught looking like a teapot!


We leave the beautiful dry, dusty, barren volcano littered landscape to speak for itself.  The one on the right was the one we climbed in the morning.  What a day – and the suntan was topped up as well!

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