Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out of London (The Sequel)

Yesterday we could only show pics of our tideway cruise taken from our own boat but, thanks to Neil and Pauline on nb “Waterlily”, we have some great shots of  us taken by them.


We’ve never seen a shot as good as this of us joining the tideway at Limehouse before.


This experience never fails to impress us, but it clearly puts us into a proper perspective!


Is this the seat of government or the seat of our pants?


The four chimneys of Battersea Power Station are about to be taken down and rebuilt.


From calm waters we move into dead calm waters as we head for Victoria Railway Bridge, Chelsea Bridge and Albert Bridge in quick succession.


“Three Men in a Boat” somewhere near Putney.


Grand accommodation round about Hammersmith – amazingly all these flats seem to have rivers views.  


Larking about around Richmond ……..


…….. and more larking about around Richmond.


Safely tied in at Teddington Lock landing - are you ever going to stop larking about?!


When we all quietened down in the evening we enjoyed a very good Chinese takeaway meal on board “Chance”.


All tucking in to main course – Doug and Steve have definitely caught the sun today.


This morning, after a good night’s sleep, we say farewell to Pauline and Neil at Kingston on Thames as they head back towards London ……


…. and we motor on up to Hampton Court where the Annual Flower show is taking place and the moorings are as rare as hens teeth.  We were kindly invited to moor alongside another boat for the time being and, after a cool start to the day, the sun is coming out this afternoon and the washing on the back deck is drying nicely.

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