Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Out of London

It was “tideway” day today – the river, calm and tranquil at 8 o’ clock this morning, was beckoning us forward.


A pre-journey photo : a “Rose between two thorns”? – as if!


Having been flushed out of Limehouse Basin (by a lock keeper who demanded that next time he saw us he wanted a free sailor’s hat) we were soon heading upstream towards one of the most iconic views you’ll ever going to get on the London Thames.


Neil and Pauline on nb “Waterlily” nearly didn’t come with us this morning as Pauline had made up her mind that it was too dangerous because of the waves!  After a little gentle persuasion she agreed to the trip and became a virtual figurehead on the front of their boat for entire journey! Waves! – it was calmest conditions we’ve ever had. 


No comment!


Such a pity the last one went – this one is so soulless.


OK Pauline, this was a wave but the only one!


Surviving the blitz, St Paul’s still stands supreme, if  just a little hidden these days.


Blackfriars railway station, just recently restored and refurbished and spanning the entire width of the river, is quite a sight as we pass underneath.


HMS “President” has just had a new paint job and very impressive too.


Cleopatra’s Needle deserves a closer inspection some day.


This pic was taken just at the first strike of 9 o’ clock this morning. An awesome sound on land but on water you have to be there.  Nb “Waterlily” is still following behind thankfully.


At Nines Elms, just before Battersea, the new American Embassy still needs a lot more work before it looks like a real embassy.


The Albert Bridge (sorry to include yet another pic of this) is the prettiest bridge of all!


Steve, who we were delighted could join us for this ‘exit’ trip of ours, took over the tiller when things got less busy on the river(and when the other two “hands” got bored!).


After 3 hours of riding up on the incoming tide we were passing beneath Richmond Bridge and heading towards Teddington Lock and the extent of the tidal reach.


There’s Pauline, still on the front of the boat!


A second, and final, “no comment”!


Waiting to enter Teddington Lock, we were caught up by Laura and Ali on nb “Large Marge”, who we’d got to know in Paddington Basin.  They’d joined the Thames at Brentford and spotted us passing by. It’s a very small watery world!


After a fantastic and wonderful day’s cruising we moored up at 12:30 at Kingston on Thames.  The sun shines the wine is out ………


…… and it’s: “permission to removes hats sir?”


  1. Looks lovely, such as shame we had to be back home and couldn't join you! Say Hi to Alison and Laura for us - get them to blog as well?

  2. Yet another great day out on 'Chance' by the look of it... :)
    But... why does my mind keep jumping to this clip... ???

    Kevin xx & Harry xx