Friday, 1 August 2014

More Tales from the Island

For the second morning running we’ve woken to unusual weather for the Canaries for this time of year (so we’re told) – thin cloud cover until midday.  Thin it might be but it seems thick enough to blot out the sun.


This is the fantastic view from the garden of Manel’s villa – a far reaching  vista with as many extinct volcanoes as you care to count.


We took the quick journey into Corraleja to have a walk around the old part of the  town and harbour area.  We saw that the art of advanced sand castle making hasn’t died out – and, of course, a volcano has to be featured.


Our one and only previous visit to Corraleja was a little unsuccessful and we got completely the wrong impression.  It’s extremely pleasant down in the harbour area as these two vagrants can testify.


Our beach visit for today were “the dunes” just outside Corraleja.  To describe the area of sand in this part of the island as vast is an understatement. Lanzarote is in the far distance with the tiny island of Lobos showing darker to left of centre.


It’s just like one of those dramatic (but fairly easy to produce paintings) but this really is the real thing!  The colour of the sea is quite remarkable and sunbathing ,swimming  and snorkelling is mandatory in these fabulous conditions.


On our journey back home we had a really good view of the hundreds of kite surfers taking advantage of the strong winds between ‘Fuerta’ and Lobos …….


….. so, with little Lobos and Lanzarote disappearing into the distance, we headed back home after our fill of sand, sun and fun for a welcome cold shower and a relax at the end of another wonderful and scorching day.

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