Monday, 28 July 2014

Early arrival in Braunston.

We left Napton at 8 o’ clock Sunday morning, watered up (as the tap was at hand as we got out of the bottom lock) ………


……… and, leaving this lovely spot, we got this shot of the famous windmill on the hill above Napton (not a good pic. as the morning sun was shining in the camera lens).  It’s not possible to get the iconic view from the top of the lock flight these days as the trees have grown too high around it.


Anyway, after a very relaxed run (and quite busy with boats) we arrived in Braunston at 10:30 to find plenty of mooring space.  Choosing a shady position James got stuck in to blacking his rubbing strakes (as you do!) while Doug took all the glass out of windows for a thorough cleaning.


When the temperature got too high for any more work we walked up in the direction of the “Admiral Nelson” and, who should we meet, but our dear canal friends Neil and Pauline (the cup cake queen of the canals) on nb “Waterlily”.  We had agreed to meet up for a meal with them this evening but we’d both arrived a day early.  (The above pic. is the lovely old Victorian pumping station on the canal side here.)


Anyway, we didn’t have to work too hard to persuade Neil and Pauline to join us for a drink at the Admiral Nelson (which was just yards from where they were moored).


While Neil and James were in the pub getting the second round of drinks an “incident” occurred outside.  Pauline and Doug, sitting on the same side of the picnic table, overbalanced and they, and the table, began to topple over.  Doug tried to save the situation and caught his leg on the table.  Here he is receiving first aid from Pauline in the form of ice packs and taking a drink to stop himself from passing out with the pain.  James was busy recording the event!


The moorings where full to capacity when we returned in the mid afternoon, with no more than a few inches between each boat. What a splendid example of mooring efficiency for once!


Later in the evening a Kate Boats hire boat came past with a drunken ‘stag’ group on board. With a BBQ flaming away on the roof they narrowly missed several moored boats before crashing very hard into the central section of the double foot bridge beyond.  We are very surprised that Kate Boats allow these stag events and, sadly, it seems only a matter of time before a tragedy happens.


Anyway, after the ‘entertainment’ of the stag group Andy and Rich on nb “Carpe Diem” (who’d moored behind us earlier in the day) brought a bottle of Prosecco and joined us on “Chance’s” rear deck for a very enjoyable end to a very hot day.

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  1. Hi, re your drunken Kate Boats party. We too had major problems with this group on the Friday evening passing our mooring at full speed before crashing into the barrier. To top it all the same party came the opposite way at 1:30am this morning, music blasting and at full speed, Still not even had a courtesy call from Kate Boats after our complain, OUTRAGEOUS!