Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Towards the Thames.


Our last day in central London ended with a very enjoyable drink and a bite to eat with friends Pauline and Neil on their boat “Waterlily” as tomorrow we’ll take the trip down the Regent’s Canal to Limehouse Basin together.


Joined by Steve again (as he’s on leave from his work) we tripped the light fantastic through Regents Park – with the ageing Snowdon Aviary in the background …..


……. through good old Camden …….


……. where it was remarkably quiet for once …….


…… and where Master gave his first instruction to his apprentice.


Onward towards Limehouse with nb “Waterlilly” in the lead ……


…. with the locking crew (comprising of Steve and Pauline in the this case) working very hard ……..


……. and having to resort to the occasional run to keep up the pace.


After nearly five hours cruising we arrived in Limehouse Basin to take on water before mooring up for the night.


Steve enjoyed himself today, not only as part of the ‘locking team’ but also as video camera man, so we’re looking forward to seeing the results in good time.  He also had time to practice his “men’s aftershave advert” pose – no chance Steve! but thanks very much for your help today and we look forward to you joining us tomorrow for our last, and final, tideway cruise through the city.


Meanwhile this evening, with Neil and Pauline, we took the short walk to one of our favourite pubs, “The Grapes” for some food and a great laugh as always.  Here we all are with Cindy (definitely our favourite barmaid).  Tomorrow, we hope the weather and the tide will be with us for the start of our trip up the full length of the River Thames.

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