Monday, 21 July 2014

Family get-together and a memorable weekend.

After our Saturday night mooring at Lechlade we were able to move up a bit nearer to the bridge and our destined place of eating for Sunday lunch.


Trouble was, although the mooring was nearer the bridge, the gang plank had to be tested to it’s extreme! We could have moved up even further (due to all the other boats leaving when we arrived!) but it took so much time to get into this position no one was prepared to exert any more energy in such hot weather.


Hixie didn’t much care what went on, she was happy in her own little world on the rear deck.


With RAF Fairford and RAF Benson so close to us at Lechlade we were treated to a fly past by this enormous military aircraft.  Any one know what it is?


Early Sunday afternoon saw a wonderful gathering of James’ family who still live locally to his birthplace.  Basking in the heat of the day outside the Riverside pub and waiting for lunch (clockwise) Vicky (daughter), Sophie (niece), Martin (brother), Doug, Robert (nephew), Sue (Martin’s partner), Frances (daughter) and her partner Kel.


After hours of eating, drinking, fun and laughter “a few” of the younger family members came back to the boat for some further relaxation in the sunshine (and to beat the record for the number of people we can get on “Chance’s” rear deck!


We took a very short cruise just beyond the bridge to wind “Chance” and to get our beloved family members closer to the car park.  James’ winding technique is being carefully scrutinised by all on board and the expressions tell all!  


As it was only 6 o’ clock in the evening when everyone left we decided to get a few miles under our belt for the journey downstream.  On the side of Lechlade lock  the famous figure of Old Father Thames looks sternly down on us modern day boaters.


We got to Kelmscot where we found a lovely peaceful mooring and where we could use our plank for the third night running. P1050017

Today (Monday) we continued our very relaxed journey downstream with the current in our favour for the first time since leaving Limehouse Basin in London.  Most of the locks are self service on week days on the Upper Thames and much easier to operated than double canal locks.


As we sauntered on in further glorious sunshine, we had a very big surprise when the couple on a cruiser travelling the other way shouted “it’s Chance – it’s Chance!”.  It turned out to be Doug’s old primary school headmaster David Powell with his wife Gill.  They are also close friends of Doug’s family and the occasion definitely required a temporary mooring up ……….


…….. and a glass or two of wine on board “Chance”.


Waving goodbye to them we think Gill may have had more than just two glasses! (only joking Gill).  It was a fantastic and lovely surprise to see them both.


Getting to Eynsham rather later than planned, and after a pump out of the toilet tank (some things just can’t wait), we breasted up with Geoff and Mags on nb “Seyella” who we’d arranged to meet up with this evening.


Geoff and Mags had prepared a wonderful meal of cold meat and salad followed by strawberries and cream for us.  With that, and their wonderful company, we’ve had a great end to a serendipitous day.

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  1. Hi, it's a Boeing C17 Globemaster of 99 Squadron