Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunshine all the way!

We were both up early this morning – showered and waiting for it to get light!  After a lovely quiet night at Stoke Bruerne we upped and left at 7 o’ clock, tackling the lock flight as the sun came up and the mist rose. The gates were hard work as the water levels in all the pounds was very high and water was cascading over both top and bottom gates on most of the locks.


With the Stoke locks out of the way we cruised along the six mile pound towards Yardley Gobion with a succession of hot air balloons drifting slowly overhead in the gorgeous early sunshine. 


Having past Cosgrove we were suddenly in mid air, flying over the River Ouse some thirty five feet below.  The only thing stopping us from going over the edge was the thin iron edge of the trough which carries the canal.


Just a tad further on and we passed fellow bloggers Pat and Roger on nb ‘The Cats Whiskers’.  It was only a quick “hello” but good enough – nice to see you both.  We were also pleased to say another quick “hello” to blog readers Ann and Pete on nb ‘Tortollo’ as they made themselves known to us.  Safe cruising all of you!


Next came Milton Keynes which is very green and pleasant……..


……… and, although it takes 2 hours to negotiate its twists and turns and its numerous bridges, the glorious sunshine made it a very nice journey.  We were sorry not to be able to meet up with Ian and Irene on nb ‘Free Spirit’ as, when we passed them, they were out with their family. That pleasure will have to wait until next year now.


Almost at our journeys end for today, we passed through Fenny Stratford where we shared the lock with an unlikely bedfellow – with the very pleasant occupants not quite on our wavelength and the music blaring from the speaker positioned on the roof………..


……. James did all he could to add a bit of decorum to the situation. Very funny!

We called it a day and moored just before Stoke Hammond lock.  After giving ‘Chance’ a quick wipe down it was time to relax after a lovely sunny six hour cruise today.


  1. Hope this lovely weather continues - we need to make hay while the sun shines!

  2. Shame we didn't get together. I had even made a banana cake for us to share. Now Ian will have to tackle it alone! We really hope to see you both next year. I'll keep reading the blog to see where you are. Until then stay warm and safe. Love to you both. xxx