Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumnal (to say the least!)

We had a super quiet night in Cassiobury Park and woke this morning to a very autumnal feel.  Although the sun came out early the day continued to be a cold one – especially for the steerer (James!)


Here’s a couple of quirky craft for the collection.



It feels like a very warm picture (not!) but being so close to London now it’s amazing how rural things still are – and ancient rural at that.


As London got closer we began to pass mile after mile of floating “homes”, a depressingly large proportion of them being in a very poor state.  So when we descended to the bottom of Denham Deep Lock (11 feet) the outlook became much better!


Our main task for today was to drop into Packet Boat marina and book a mooring for ‘Chance’ in the winter months.  Provisional  arrangements had already been made by phone but while we were passing we decided to get the “necessaries”done. While we were there we took the chance to call in on fellow blogger Martin, on nb ‘Icebreaker’. It was very good to briefly meet up with him again and we shall hopefully see more of him when we use ‘Chance’ during the winter.  Afterwards, we stopped just down the cut at Yiewsley to do a Tesco shop – very convenient even if the water isn’t deep enough to get to the bank! 


Around Hayes the canal is lined for about 1/4 mile with Russian Vine (or “mile a minute” as it’s known because of  its rapid growth). Perhaps this is just one plant!


We were getting very cold by 4 o’ clock this afternoon and, as there was plenty of space available, we decided to stop at Bulls Bridge Junction. With a biting northerly wind which had developed during the afternoon it was time to warm our bones by the fire.

We’re not scheduled to go into Packet Boat until 1st November so, if the weather stays reasonable, we have a couple of weeks left and the Paddington Arm going off under the white bridge on the left looks very inviting!


  1. We are in exactly the same boat! Well, same situation :-). We are dawdling our way to High Line along the Slough arm for the winter, planning a few trips into Lonfon while we are there. I do hope we manage to get a bit closer to each other than we did at Crick.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. We are arriving around nov 4 - but we go back to Cornwall for the winter. Will look out for you both.