Friday, 11 October 2013

Another ‘chance’ in London.

We had a mixed night at Bulls Bridge.  James was the last to retire at 10 :30 last night and, having just switched off the lights, he heard voices and commotion outside.  Within a few seconds four youths jumped onto the front deck.  James immediately pounced out of the front door issuing violent threats to the intruders who very quickly decided to leave.  


Having got back into the boat, James pondered on the incident and realised that it probably wasn’t his threatening behaviour that brought the incident to a close but perhaps the dressing gown he was half wearing!

Anyway, the rest of the night was without incident and this morning we made an early start as soon as it was light, making a bee line for the Paddington Arm.  The visitor moorings at Southall (pic above) resembles Slimbridge bird sanctuary as it always does.


After a quick shower of rain soon after we started, the sun came out and shone right in our faces for most of the journey.  We’re not complaining although it did make life a little difficult trying to see ahead – especially approaching the “dual carriageway” aqueduct across the A406 north circular.


It’s a good 3 1/2 hour trip up the Paddington Arm but we eventually arrived at Little Venice and the business of the London Canal network.  We were very much hoping that lady luck would be with us and we’d find a mooring in Paddington Basin as the approach into London looked pretty busy.  Well! – luck was with us when we got there and we slipped into the only space available.


After a much needed clean down of ‘Chance’ (after which the rain hasn’t stopped) and then forty winks we popped down to Soho for a drink, a bit of the capitals’ social life and something to eat.  Saving ourselves for tomorrow, when we’re expecting friends from the West Country to visit, we got back to Paddington for an early night.  It’s bizarre to think we’ve been from London to Manchester and back in last three months as it really doesn’t seem we’ve been away.


  1. Hi, seeing your picture of cruising the Paddington Arm “dual carriageway” aqueduct across the A40 Western Way” we wondered if an 11.5 WB would get through - we’re fretting a bit!!

  2. Good Point Carol, It is narrow, but we have seen wide beams moored in Paddington basin and then seen them again at Uxbridge so we assume you can get through, otherwise it would be Regents Canal out of Limehouse and back in at Brentford?

  3. We will measure it for you on our way back. x

  4. Hi guys. On your way through little Venice, did you spot another boat called "dogma"? it's alleged we've got a doppelgänger somewhere in London.