Saturday, 12 October 2013

Old friends look us up.

This morning our friends from Bristol, Fran and Shaun, came to spend the day with us.


We had a bit of a relax on ‘Chance’ before going into the city for the day.


For a late lunch we popped into Chandos, just off Trafalgar Square,  before having a good walk around to see some of the sights and sounds.


In Trafalgar Square there was some novel entertainment for the vast numbers of people enjoying themselves.


At the moment the forth plinth in the Square has a striking blue cockerel which you certainly can’t miss.


Fran, Shaun and Doug in Trafalgar Square after their very good lunch.


Doug got the chance to do something he’s always wanted to do and Shaun captured it for posterity.


From Trafalgar Square we walked down Whitehall to the Palace of Westminster………..


……… and on to Westminster Abbey.  After much more walking we got one of the new Routemaster buses up to Soho for some “refreshment” before getting another bus back to Paddington.


From the top deck of the bus, as we passed Leicester Square on the left, we we got a good impression of just how many people were around today.


You get a great view of London from the top deck deck – this is Oxford Street as the light was fading.

Getting back to ‘Chance’ we relaxed and chatted for a while before sending Doug out for a bucket of KFC (we really know how to live!),  after which Fran and Shaun left us to return to their hotel.  It was very nice of them to travel up to see us this weekend and we’ve had a really marvellous day with them.  We hope they enjoy the rest of their stay in London.

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  1. What a fantastic photo that last one is - absolutely amazing!