Friday, 4 October 2013

A night on the Buckby flight

After leaving Crick this morning and getting through the tunnel we were  ………….


…………. soon passing under the M1 (the sound of which we’d been aware of for the last mile or so) and then immediately onto the Watford locks.


The lovely Watford Lock flight, with its staircase locks and the tubs of flowers around each lock, is drowned by the noise of the motorway on the other side of the hedge.  Birgit helped with the boat coming up the flight ………..


………. before we made our way down.


The drivers eye view of the staircase locks ……..


……… and then it’s out into the daylight again.


We stopped at Welton Hythe marina for a pump out of the black water tank which was certainly a weight of our minds and ‘Chance’!)


Turning left at Norton Junction we got a picturesque view when looking back.  Just before the junction we were hailed by one of our readers (it was good to say a quick “hello”).


The top lock of the Buckby flight.  Although very windy and generally cloudy today we were very lucky to have some sunshine as well.


We moored after the second lock, had some lunch and then took Birgit to Long Buckby station for the train to Birmingham International for her flight back to Germany.  We took the train with her as far as Rugby so that Doug could buy himself a new phone. (the wet one is working but not dependably so!)


Walking back from the town centre to the railway station we were reminded of one place in Rugby’s history – Sir Frank Whittle and his invention of the jet engine.

Getting back to ‘Chance’ in the late afternoon we decided to call it a day and stay the night where we are.  Hopefully we’ll get an early start in the morning.

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