Thursday, 17 October 2013

More London fun!

Yesterday, after the weather cleared up we planned to go into town when the toilet decided to play a different tune to normal.


So James ended up stripping the whole thing down (a lot of the time in his favourite position with his backside higher than his head!) and extracting the offending wad of toilet paper.


After the toilet incident we were able to go out for dinner to a very good Spanish tapas restaurant just off the Edgeware Road.  Afterwards we went over to the St Pancras Cruising Club to meet up with a few of the members ………..


……… one of which, Micky, is one of our blog readers and knew exactly who we were even though she’d never seen us before.  We had a great evening chatting to Micky and others before returning to ‘Chance’ just after midnight.


Today we met up with our “neighbour” Maffi on nb ‘Milly M’ and had a drink with him in a local pub in Paddington before enjoying an al fresco lunch in Merchants Square next to Paddington Basin where, on Thursday lunchtimes, there’s a whole host of mobile “eateries” to choose from.


The afternoon saw us visiting the Cabinet War Rooms where Winston Churchill controlled so much of the war effort from 1939 – 45.  They were left completely unaltered from 1945, when they were locked up, until the 70’s when they were opened up again.  The above pic. shows Churchill’s private office and sleeping quarters.


After our tremendously interesting underground experience it was nice to pop across to St James’ Park and have a chat to a very large pelican. 


There were great views looking across the lake, with Buckingham Palace in the distance.


This little Swiss chalet on the edge of St James’ Park was built in 1841 as the home for the parks’ bird keeper.  It was intended to be in contrast to the grand government buildings opposite.


With a bit of time to spare we made our way to the Palace of Westminster and visited the House of Commons strangers gallery for a while.  There wasn’t a lot going on (situation normal!) but it was very interesting all the same.  We spent time in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the complex, where the bodies of several monarchs of recent times and Sir Winston Churchill have laid in state.


A view of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, taken from just outside Westminster Hall.

This evening we’ve had an unexpected pleasure and had a drink and evening meal with Richard from nb ‘Indigo Dream’ who moored up in the basin this afternoon.  A good way to end a great couple of days.

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  1. Hi James and Doug, thanks so much for taking the time to write, so your back in London again, doesn't seem like 5 mins ago when I was in Paddington, I suppose this is one of the hard things when solo (ing), each canal, village, town, pub, has so many memories. But now I'm on the Stratford which is completely new from a cruising point of view. Handling the boat is fine, just takes a little longer, a different technique, and when anything is physically tough, I think great ! that's another pound off :) but I enjoy the challenge. I promised myself I would get "practical" first, and then find the "joy" & "fun" in it again - because this is a great life on the waterways, and we all have it for different reasons. I have been lucky enough to meet some very special people. I've lost track on your travels, but I'm sure you've had fun, as always. Maybe 2014 our paths will cross. And once again Thank You Jacquie x