Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Home James!

Yesterday, James had a routine appointment to see the heart specialist at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester regarding his atrial fibrillation.  We caught the 10 o’ clock train from Victoria and getting to the house by late morning meant we could do the washing which we took with us. 


(the basin at Paddington looks very good now that the construction work on the far buildings is almost complete)

James’ appointment at the hospital resulted in the possibility of an operation in the future although there’s nothing to slow down life in the fast lane!

We travelled back to London by car, leaving it at Packet Boat marina so that it’s available when we get ‘Chance’ back there later this month.  The journey was an easy 1 hour 40 mins - good to have such easy access.  Catching the train from the nearest station to the marina (West Drayton) to Paddington we arrived in the basin at 10 :30 in the evening to find follow blogger Maffi on nb ‘Milly M’ as our near neighbour.  It was a very quick hello to Maffi as we’d planned to eat out and it was getting late.


It was very late after we’d eaten (and got chatting to some of the locals) and, returning back to the boat, we were able to watch the men putting up the Christmas lights in Oxford Street.


There were lots of vans and trucks full of decorations and mobile cranes winching men skyward clutching tightly to big white balls.  It’s a good reminder of how much work goes on at night in London when most of us are asleep (or should be asleep!)


Our new neighbour Nb ‘Milly M’ this morning.


The rain has been very heavy at times today but by 1 o’ clock things had brightened up.  Looking out of our front doors to the better weather we spied coal boat ‘Archimedes’ turning at the far end – chance to by another bag of coal to keep us going.

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  1. The basin looks lovely. Maybe one day we will get our boat there