Saturday, 19 October 2013

Such a Buzz!

Yesterday morning Maffi on nb ‘Milly M’ left the basin and we’d promised Richard and Sue on nb ‘Indigo Dream’, that we’d move their boat into Maffi’s space for them as they weren’t around.


Richard and Sue had to moor ‘Indigo Dream’ in the only space available which was right over the “aeration” pipe at the entrance to the basin.  It does a wonderful job of keeping the water crystal clear but effectively knocks out two mooring spaces (one either side if the canal) as the sound of the bubbles under the boat is too loud to put up with!  So we successfully moved the boat and then went off to Kensington to do some shopping.  Three shirts later we took the bus to Trafalgar Square but, not concentrating, we went the wrong way and ended up in Hammersmith!  Taking the correct bus we had a long ride through London……….


…….. passing places like The Ritz…………


……… St James’ Palace ………..


……… and finally arriving in Trafalgar Square.  It was very warm and sunny so the tourists were lucky to be able to enjoy a great autumn day.  The National Gallery dominates Trafalgar Square with the church of St Martin in the Fields in the far corner.


Close to St Martin in the Fields is one of our favourite eating places, The Chandos, (with the Coliseum behind it) where we had a late lunch.


After lunch we walked over to Soho for some quick refreshment in our favourite watering hole, “Compton's” in Old Compton Street, where they’d just completed the Halloween makeover (no it’s not an explosion in a knicker factory!)


It’s a common, but reassuring sight, to see police on all forms of transport in the city both day and night – on this occasion as we left Soho to get back to ‘Chance’ for a wash and brush up.  Returning to Soho in the evening we had a marvellous time meeting and taking to both locals, and visitors from Dubai, America, Finland, Germany and Bangladesh.  It’s like being in the centre of the universe. 

After such a great night we are afraid to say it was another 2.30am getting back to Chance!!!

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