Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Who pulled the plug out?

After getting back from our “nightcap” with John and Louise on nb ‘Blue Moon’ Monday night we arrived in our shed to notice ‘Chance’ on a slight lean.
Keeping an eye on things (which certainly weren’t right) by 3 o’ clock in the morning we were on a distinct tilt!
The wardrobe doors wouldn’t stay closed and the glasses in the cabinets were about to start journeying of their own accord.
James’ scientific /engineering bent came into play and he started to measure the water level in the river – it was dropping and we were touching the bottom!  To confuse things a bit, the shed floats as well as the boat inside it so, apart from the tilt, we wouldn’t have known the river was draining away.  Anyway, after a fairly fraught night, the morning brought better news – the water level rose and we slowly started to right ourselves – in sympathy with Costa Concordia!  Goodness knows what the problem was.
Today has seen some great progress on the repainting front but not until some further rubbing down. 
After vacuuming away all the dust, followed by ‘tacky clothes’ to get the bodywork ultra clean Mark got to work with the base coat and transformed the look of ‘Chance’ in a trice. 
After an hour or two locked inside while the painting was done, Doug emerged to inspect the new appearance.
Our beautiful bow looks superb in its, off white matt covering.
It’s a tricky exit and entry we have to make with no door and a paper roof. 
Today will see two more changes.  The roof will have its blue (two-pack) top coat and Doug will be taking shore leave for a few days and go back to Sussex by train.  He will be taking the computer with him so the blog will be a bit lean for a short while, and photos of progress in the paint shed will have to wait until he returns.  Hopefully progress will continue and, by the time he gets back, the paintwork should be finished and the hull blacking will have started.


  1. Very strange about the river level!!
    Perhaps the EA are draining the country dry... see this link...
    It's a small world. LOL

  2. You do realise that getting a new paint job is cheating!!! Now everyone will know the secret of your good looks!!!
    Gary and Della