Thursday, 12 September 2013

MGM’s new boat and a good day’s work.

Yesterday was a bit of a write off as far as progress was concerned. MGM had an urgent job which occupied the paint shed (which was fine by us) so we got a couple of things done on ‘Chance’ before the rain set in and then it became a cosy day inside.


This morning the latest MGM boat ‘Muleless’ went through its final paces next to us.  We had the opportunity to go aboard yesterday when the owners, Della and Gary, invited us to have a look at the inside.  It’s superbly fitted out with just about everything you would need to live in luxury and, with its hybrid power installation, it’s a really beautiful boat.  


‘Muleless’ was being put through its electrical propulsion shakedown - it’s incredibly quiet and very powerful.  Very nice indeed.


‘Chance’ is going into the paint shed tomorrow morning so,with good weather today, Doug took the bus into Leicester for the afternoon and James got going on some servicing jobs – he’s got his head stuck into the Mikuni central heating unit in this shot.


Doug returned just before 6 o’ clock and we had a chat about paintwork, blacking and a host of other things with our boat builders Mark and Rachael before they left for the night………


………. and then we had a a bit of relax in the last of todays lovely sunshine.  James has several jobs under his belt now so it’s been a good day.

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