Wednesday, 25 September 2013

From paint shed to slipway.

Well, we’re back to normal now (with pictures!).  Doug got back to the boatyard on Tuesday and brought the spare camera.  There were some shots on the one that went into the water……….


……… showing ‘Chance’ in various stages of new paintwork and, while James was stuck in the paint shed enjoying all the rubbing down  ……….


…….. Doug was in Selsey enjoying the seaside.


With the paintwork almost complete ‘Chance’ was taken out of the water on Monday and made ready for blacking.  Two years ago we applied “Comastic” and, although it has protected the hull very well, it was about the right time to re-black.  Rachel, Mark and James worked hard all day Monday scraping off the old blacking and finishing things off with a high pressure steam clean.  We also needed to be on dry land for the painting of the stern at water level.  So, yet again, it was rubbing down and masking up.


By Tuesday we got the first coat of bitumen on and ‘Chance’ really started to look good.  Living aboard, with the slope of the ramp to contend with, takes a little getting used to.


Mid afternoon saw the arrival of Adam and Adrian on nb ‘Briar Rose’ which we’d been looking forward to.  Being on the slope made no difference to the enjoyment of drinks and nibbles on ‘Chance’.

In the evening we all walked down to The Harrow in the High Street (where last Monday we found they didn’t do food that day) only to find that don’t do food on Tuesdays either!  So, we collected a Chinese takeaway and went back to ‘Briar Rose’ (which wasn’t on a slope) for a very enjoyable evening with good food and good chatter.


This morning we said farewell to Adam and Adrian as they continued their holiday cruise. We helped them through Thurmaston lock………..


……. and watched them disappear into the early morning mist.  It was great to see you again guys and we’re looking forward to the next time.


After the second coat of blacking today, we saw the arrival of Geoff and Mags on nb Seyella, Geoff came over to see how the repainting was going.  Being an expert himself in boat painting!  He gave us the thumbs up.

Tonight we are looking forward to joining them for a fish and chip supper aboard Seyella.

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