Friday, 13 September 2013

Into the paint shed……

This morning ‘Chance’ went into the paint shed for the sprucing up work to be done.


Mark had his last cup of tea for at least half an hour!


James having a joke with Mark – watch your head James! – a portent of things to come if ever there was one.


A snug fit in the paint shed.


‘Chance’ is carefully wrapped  in brown paper to keep the majority of it clean and tidy.


Although the gunwales were one of the main things to be done, Mark decided that it wasn’t worth stopping with them – bang goes James’ shiny paintwork on the bow!


One of the more painful reminders is erased.


As the paintwork is rubbed down we all get bluer and bluer!  Apart from being behind the camera Doug was kept busy making tea and coffee.


With the mushrooms off Rachel can start preparing the roof for when the sand gets painted.  While on the roof of the boat, getting the mushrooms off,  James decided to stand up and walk back down the boat.  Needless to say he collided with the first beam he came to and he now has a very large area of damage to the cranium! We just need vinegar to go with the brown paper! 


With ‘Chance’ cocooned the preparation work can begin.


The progress was rapid this afternoon and, although there’s much more to be done, the bodywork is well on its way to being ready for the undercoat.  No more shiny bits showing now (except the top of James’ head!)


  1. James! I just love the colour-co-ordinated overalls!!
    There may still be a Chance (!!!!) of seeing you this year as you will, at some point, be coming past Crick I presume?

  2. Ooh James I felt that bump! Hope the headache is not too bad.
    Sad to see your lovely shiny blue disappear, but I'm sure it will be better than ever when done.
    Take care of that bruise,
    love K x

  3. Wow you've got smurf hands too. Now if I was building a paint shed I'd have the walkway lower (or water higher) :-)