Monday, 9 September 2013

How many bloggers can you meet in one day!

(answer at the bottom of the blog)

We travelled the rest of the Trent and Mersey Canal yesterday……


……. a few gongoozlers at Stenson Lock.


It was al fresco egg and chips on the hoof as we made our way “Trentwards”.


Through Shardlow and we’re through the first flood lock before the River Trent.


A crossroads in navigation terms – off the canal and onto the River Trent (coming in from the right) and the River Derwent enters form the left.


We let ‘Chance’ off the leash for a while as we head down, a very calm River Trent.  We stopped at Sawley to take on water and fuel and then moored for the night on the opposite bank.


Our view this morning, after the very thick mist had cleared, was of the distant Ratcliffe Power station working at full pelt.


With the powered facilities at Sawley Locks Doug has an easy time for once!


A bit more of the Trent and we were ready to turn right onto the River Soar.


Couldn’t resist a close up!


We were soon at Ratcliffe Lock………


……… and onwards up the this very lovely river.


A quick  bubble bath……….


……… and on again.  There was virtually no flow to speak of – dead calm and very relaxing.


With some beautiful places to look at, it could have been the lower Thames in places.

Now – at Loughborough there seemed to be bloggers everywhere!


First we meet Ian and Karen on nb ‘Serenity’ travelling with Pip and Roger on nb ‘Windsong’ – we had a quick chat at the lock, sorry we didn’t spend a bit more time with you all but hopefully next time we will.


Doug with Pip.


Roger , Pip and Doug.


Negotiating the tight right angle turn and bridge hole at Loughborough.   We then met nb Petroc with a quick “Hello” to Geoff.

We were soon at Barrow on Soar deep lock and who should be moored up above the lock but……..


…… Mags and Geoff on nb ‘Seyella’.  We were persuaded to have a quick cup of tea with them,  it was really good to meet you both at last, sorry it was only for an hour. 

After that it was off again, trying to make it to the Hope and Anchor Pub at Syston where we have planned to meet up with John and Ali on nb ‘Triskaideka’ for a meal together tonight.

What a busy day!  But great to meet so many friends…..



  1. Great to finally meet you guys!
    Looking forward to a proper catch-up later in the month....

  2. How did Doug enjoy closing the offside bottom gate of Weston lock? Or maybe it didn't swing itself open for you! We heard that this lock was voted one of the worst on the whole system when we went that way ealier in the summer

  3. Hi Debby, Didn't find any problems at Weston Lock, perhaps its been repaired? the worst one was Loughborough lock, it has such a hole between the gates a boat had waited half an hour to fill it, we managed to empty and re fill it and block the hole in the gate with a piece of wood!