Friday, 27 September 2013

Light at the end of the bow thruster tube.

Last evening we had a wonderful time on board nb ‘Seyella’ with Mags and Geoff (and Geoff’s brother Andy). Geoff cooked a marvellous chicken casserole with mashed potato and home-made apple and blackberry pie for afters. 


Doug, Mags (doing her impression of the lady from the Scottish Widows advert!), Geoff and Andy after dinner and about to have a piece of Mag’s superb ginger cake.


James showing Mags his appreciation of her ginger cake.


This morning, before their departure, Geoff and Mags came aboard ‘Chance’ for coffee (and to experience our slope) – and they brought the rest of last night’s ginger cake!


We said a sad farewell to Geoff and Mags and their lovely bearded collie Meg.  It’s been a wonderful couple of days with you both.  Thanks for your great hospitality and help, and take care.


The day carried on with a lot of small jobs on ‘Chance’.  The work has certainly followed the 80 /20 rule :- 80% of the work done in 20% of the time then the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time.  The one job James didn’t look forward to today was blacking the bow thruster tube but, after a lot of cussing and hands covered with bitumen, the job was done. 


Bow thruster grill renovated and back in place.


James gave himself a break from the mucky jobs and retrieved from the chandlery store, all the stuff which makes ‘Chance’ look like a finished boat and started to put things back together.

As the next boat job on the slip isn’t due until Monday, MGM have let us stay out of the water for rest of the weekend so the blacking will be super-dry by then. 


  1. Hi guys. You need latex gloves. I wear them all the time when painting anything, as otherwise it would be all over my hands.
    Paint job is looking lovely. Regards....

  2. It's all looking VeRY ShInEY, well done. Like the new blog page too.

  3. Just a quick hello - seems like an age since you were camped in London and we were cruising the tideway every weekend!

    Your blog has been so full of joy this year - looking forward to reading about your autumn/winter adventures.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  4. You see James, it's not just me who swears by latex gloves! Glad you got the tube done, you'd only have regretted not doing it afterwards...:-{
    Hope we get the chance to see you again next year. Keep well.