Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Preparation is everything………

……..well, James hopes so anyway!  We didn’t blog yesterday as there was nothing to write about, except you know what – rubbing down.


Today consisted of rubbing down as well, also masking up………..


……. and generally doing all the little things which, if you don’t do them now, you very much wish you had in years to come.


We can’t get anything out of the gas or bow thruster lockers now that everything is well masked and taped up.  All is nearly ready for the base coat to go on tomorrow and then, of course, it’s more rubbing down – what fun.


James helped Mark do a splendid job of masking the roof as we don’t want the base coat over the sand areas,  There’ll be enough paint on the sand later when we roller on the oil-based top coat.


As a very welcome aside to boat preparation, fellow bloggers Louise and John on nb ‘Blue Moon’ arrived mid afternoon to meet up with us, after their long run through Leicester from Kilby Bridge this morning. After walking their dogs they sat down among the sculptures next to their boat for a little picnic.


They moored opposite at Watermead Park so it didn’t take Doug long to nip over the bridge to meet them.  James carried on with the boat preparation with Mark and Rachel but he managed a quick dash across to say hello during a lull in the schedule (and enjoyed a small glass of port and WKD, before getting back to work!)


In the evening we all took a walk into Thurmaston village to the Harrow Inn for a meal together but soon discovered that they don’t cook on Mondays!  So, walking on further we came to Paprika where we had a great Indian meal in their almost completely empty 250 cover restaurant!  Bizarre to say the least but here we are - James, Doug, Louise and John enjoying portion sizes so large we could barely eat half. 


Louise created a work of art with her poppadum!

After heading back to our moorings we enjoyed a very nice Baileys coffee with Louise and John on board nb ‘Blue Moon’ before getting back to ‘Chance’ at 11:30.  It was a splendid end to a busy day for all of us.


This morning John and Louise popped across to say goodbye with their lovely dog Jasper the border terrier and his friend Penny who they are looking after on their trip.  Thanks for a great evening guys and hope to see you again soon!

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  1. It was great to finally meet you both yesterday and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Hope to catch up again soon.

    John & Louise xx