Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A quiet night in for a change!

Before setting off from Poynton yesterday we had a super-duper black water pump out from Andy at the Trading Post and, with ‘Queen Maeve’ still breasted up from the night before……….
…….. we made our way to the water point.  We’d been joined by friends from the night before for coffee and to help with the general antics of watering two boats roped together with the ………
…….. added excitement of the Trading Post day boat being driven into the back of ‘Queen Maeve’ by a very inexperienced customer!  All in a day’s boating!
Susan (red top) and Peter (steering?) from Braidbar Boats came to say ‘good morning’ and we said a sad farewell to Les, Chris, Martin, Bill and Eileen after a great evening together.
The trip down to our intended mooring below Bosley locks was peaceful, although the lack of depth in the canal made it a very leisurely one.  Olly lead the way on QM.
The views from the canal were far reaching……
….. the bridge construction on the Macclesfield Canal is very individual with the curve of the arches continuing to turn under as they reach the ground.
We passed several imposing mills along the canal side – this one is the very ‘sound looking’ Adelphi Mill at Bollington.
People keep their lovely canal side properties in superb order for all us boaters to enjoy.
Cross over bridges – always a delight.
The old Hovis Mill at Macclesfield.
The road swing bridge at Oakgrove where Doug was subject to a great deal of abuse from a car driver because he was holding her up. There he is leaning on the railings on the far left mulling over the effect of a (thankfully) very small percentage of the population.
Getting to the Bosley Locks we were surprised to meet up with blog reader and boater Tony on nb ‘Lydia’ who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and helped us down the whole flight of twelve locks.  Doug, who would have been  the sole lock operator for the two boats was over the moon to put it mildly.  The locks are constructed of massive blocks of stone which look very impressive ………..
………. and so is the scenery.
We got down the flight in record time with Doug setting for Olly and Tony helping James.  Mooring up at the bottom of the locks, in a wonderful setting, we soon settled in with some very well earned refreshment – especially for Doug and Tony.
Olly, James, Doug and Tony enjoying the scenery (and other things!)  Thanks so much Tony – we’re forever in your debt.
After having a very enjoyable day but we were flagging a bit, Doug cooked a nice meal for the three of us on ‘Chance’ and we chatted on together until nearly midnight.


  1. LOL @ that boat ramming queen maeve. He had the whole canal to move around in, And still forked it up!

    Sorry to hear about the stressed woman driver harassing Doug. Any tips for defusing the anger in those situations?


  2. Sorry we missed you at Poynton guys, we're a couple of days behind you. Just one thing though, you weren't on the Peak Forest Canal, you were on the Macclesfield Canal from when you turned right at the top of Marple Locks. Have a good trip, hope to bump into you again next year
    X Yvonne & Roger